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2013 Product Revamp


Here at Boyd Cycling, we are proud to announce a complete revamp of the wheel lineup for the 2013 season. The wheel market is a very competitive one and new companies are always starting. With so many existing companies, and more coming into the market we felt like this revamp was necessary to keep us with a competitive advantage. We feel like with the changes we have made, we will have best possible quality and still come in at half the price as the “big’ guys.


The biggest change people will notice is the all new rims. The rims have all new widths, shapes, and depths. All rims will now carry a 23.5mm wide brake top at the top of the brake track, and will angle outward to 24.4mm at the base. This angled brake track will improve the airflow over the tire onto the rim, help toe in the brake pads, and also help to dissipate against heat buildup on the edge of the rim.
The shapes of the rims are also changing. We are using different shapes in each one of the rims. We know that with deeper rims you are likely to be encountering a lower yaw angle. You are not going to run a super deep wheel on a day windy enough to encounter a 15degree yaw angle due to handling concerns. Also, for situations where deep front wheels may be ideal are faster rides like time trials or flat to rolling road races. At these faster speeds yaw angles are lower. So, the deeper the model of rim, the more it’s optimized for a lower yaw angle. This way we can have wheels that are designed for the aerodynamics of real world riding, because I have never entered a race that takes place inside a wind tunnel.
We have all new depths to go along with the changes. We will now offer a 44mm, 60mm, and 90mm depth. The 44mm is a great wheel for people living in windy terrain, doing mountain riding, or who want an aero and lightweight wheel. It’s going to be the “do it all” wheelset. The 60mm depth is for people looking to add more speed to their riding. This is great for fast events, road races, criteriums, or as a triathlon wheel set. The 90mm is for when you want to go fast! In time trials, triathlons, or flat road races in calm days the 90mm wheelset is going to be your most aerodynamic option. New for this year we will offer a 16/20 spoke count for the 90mm wheels.
New 2013 Rim Shapes, Widths, Depths
The biggest change though in the rims is that we moved to a new manufacturer and spent over a year in R&D testing out different layups to make the strongest and highest quality rim. One of the biggest changes is using a steel slider to create the rim bed. It is standard to use expanding high pressure foam in the mould. This works well to create the shape but can leave small voids in the carbon that can affect the strength and show up down the road. With the steel sliders the carbon hook and rim bed is made to a much stronger level. This helps with both strength of the rim and heat dissipation.
Heat dissipation is the feature we have invested in the most on for 2013. There has been a lot of news about carbon clinchers and how they handle heat buildup on long steep descents. The carbon clincher rims now have a super high temperature rating and can be used in more mountainous terrain. Obviously people should still use caution and there are still descents where ANY carbon clincher is not a good idea, but with these new rims we have wheels that will stand up to the vast majority of what people will ride on. One of the ways we help keep the heat to a minimum is the development of our new Blue Ice brake pads. These brake pads develop far less heat than any other brake pad on the market. If you are forced into a situation where you have to ride the brakes your rim will not heat up nearly as much as with any other pad. It’s the combination of rim shape, high temperature rated carbon, and the brake pads that helps to make an overall solution and better all-around wheel set.


                At the center of the wheels, the hubs are what let the wheel spin. They often get overlooked but are very important to making a solid and stiff wheelset. We believe that the stiffer the wheel, the better. You don’t want to be climbing a steep climb and having your rim flex into your brake pads. Having the flanges spaced as far as possible makes for a very stiff wheel as it widens the “bracing angle” of the spokes. On a front wheel it’s easy to widen the flanges and we have them as wide as they can possibly go. The rear wheel is a little trickier because of the cassette that prevents the right flange from being placed out as far as the left flange. This means the drive side tension must be higher than the non-drive side to pull the rim into the center of the hub.
Hub shell profiles. Optimized for whatever you ride!
Even more complicated is the addition of Shimano 11 speed. A Shimano 11 speed cassette is 1.8mm wider than a Shimano 10 speed cassette. All of a sudden that optimum flange spacing is not possible with 11 speed because the freehub body is so much wider. This is where we came up with a very clever solution to optimize the flange spacing for all versions of our hub. The standard Shimano 10 speed cassette makes it possible to have very good right flange spacing. However, if you have 10 speed and were forced to run an 11 speed compatible hub, you then have to run a 1.8mm spacer behind the cassette. This spacer means your right flange is not out as far as it can possibly be. By running an 11 speed specific hub, you are being penalized for still running 10 speed with a wheel that is not as stiff as it can be. With our 11 speed hub, we are making up for the wider cassette by using a 131mm axle instead of the standard 130mm. The extra 1mm helps to keep the right flange move out as far as possible. The 10 speed hub will be upgradeable to 11 speed just by changing the axle and freehub body (and a slight re-dish of the wheel will be necessary).
                OK, that was fairly complicated but the main thing to know is we are taking all the steps to ensure you have the stiffest possible wheelset, no matter which components and number of gears you are running. There are other factors that go into hub construction to make your wheels run as smooth as possible. We are using high quality steel TPI bearings in the hubs. These bearings have great longevity, durability, and roll very well. We have improved the pawl system on the hubs to use a larger, better engaging pawl. There are now 4 oversized pawls that offer very rapid and secure engagement. When wheels are going on riders who can put out over 2000 watts, the pawls engaging solidly are very important. We have also added a pre-load adjustment. This allows you to make sure you are not putting too much stress on the pawls and also means the end caps are not responsible for tightening the hub down. The bearing for the non-drive side has been moved outward. This adds stability to the rear hub and also means that the flange is not pulling directly over the bearing. All of these changes add up to one of the most solid, stable, and well rolling hubs on the market.
                           New 2013 Hubs                                                                                                 Improved Pawl Design


        Spokes and Nipples

                We will continue to use Sapim CX Ray spokes on all of our race ready wheels. These spokes are widely considered to be the highest quality spoke on the market. They are very light, yet have the highest fatigue rating out there. Because of the shallow narrow profile they are also very aerodynamic in any wind condition. The ovalized shape helps us in the build process to ensure there is no spoke twist. We radial lace on the front wheels and double cross both sides on the rear wheel for a stronger wheel with better transfer of torque. All wheels come with the option of a 20/24 spoke count or a 24/28 (with the exception of the 90mm which has a 16/20 and 20/24 options for spoke count).
                We will also continue to use the Sapim brass SecureLock nipples in all our builds. Brass nipples are stronger and more durable than alloy nipples and will not corrode. The SecureLock helps ensure that your spokes stay in tension and your wheel stays true. We only use external nipples so if you ever need to make a slight adjustment you don’t have to take off the tube and/or tire. Both the spokes and nipples are black (just like a wheel should have).

                Handbuilt in USA

                It’s more than just a marketing pitch or slogan; it’s a way to ensure the highest level of build quality. All our wheels are handbuilt in Greenville, SC by our own wheelbuilders. They do not have to build wheels for dozens of other companies and are not expected to build hundreds of sets per week in an assembly line process. Each builder focuses on one wheelset from start to finish with multiple QC checks along the way. It’s a slower process than the huge wheel building facilities use, but it’s one that ensures the quality of every wheelset is as high as possible. We take the build approach like a custom wheelbuilder would, but on a larger scale. Every build is thorough and important!


                Weight is something people always ask about as it’s a quantifiable number. While having a lightweight wheel is important, it’s definitely not our top priority. We build for the wheels to be as durable, strong, and stiff as possible. If you shave off a few grams but affect the integrity of the wheels there is no benefit to having a lighter wheel. With that, our target weights for the wheels are as follows:
44mm clincher – 680g front – 880g rear – 1560g set
44mm tubular – 550g front – 750g rear – 1300g set
60mm clincher – 730g front – 930g rear – 1660g set
60mm tubular – 615g front – 815g rear – 1430g set
90mm clincher – 820g front – 1015g rear – 1835g set
90mm tubular – 745g front – 945g rear – 1690g set


                We have invested a lot in moulds for the new carbon rims, carbon layups, R&D, and new hubs. The quality will be much improved and we feel confident that our wheels will compare with any other brand in terms of performance, aerodynamics, and overall speed. We do have to slightly raise the prices for 2013, but will still come in at around half of what the bigger companies charge.
Pricing is as follows:
44mm tubular - $1350 / 44mm clincher - $1400
60mm tubular - $1400 / 60mm clincher - $1450
90mm tubular - $1450 / 90mm clincher - $1500


                The first shipment will arrive around January 20th. It will be a small shipment and a very limited supply of 44mm clinchers and 60mm clinchers will be available. The 90mm clinchers and tubulars and the Vitesse will also arrive and be in a bit better supply. We get a larger shipment on February 15th with more 44mm clinchers and 60mm clinchers. 44mm tubulars and 60mm tubulars will arrive around the end of February.
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