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44mm clincher rear wheel

Let's Build Your Dream Wheel!


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820 grams rear - 24 spoke count (for riders under 180 pounds)
832 grams rear - 28 spoke count (for riders around 180 pounds or above)

We are proud to introduce the 2016 model of our 44mm clincher. We have been working on the design for years, running CFD analysis, making physical prototypes, and putting in thousands of miles of on the road testing. With the new models we have wheeset that is more aero, lighter, better handling in crosswinds, and stronger than wheelsets costing twice as much.



The 44mm clincher is the all purpose carbon wheelset. No matter what type of riding you are doing, the 44mm depth with improved aerodynamic profile will be a great option for you. It's a great wheel set for climbing, descending, windy conditions, races, and even training. With the mid-depth aero rim height and improved design to handle the crosswinds these can be used even in very windy areas. With the low weight of the wheels they are a great climbing wheel set and on the opposite side of that climb the wider rim profile will make for great handling when flying down a descent.


Rim depth - 44mm
Rim width - 27mm
Inner width - 19mm
Rim weight - 465 grams




We have been working on our new tubeless rim bed profile for years, delivering a rim that can safely run tubeless tires as well as well as normal tube and tire. To read more about the Boyd tubeless difference, click here: (link coming)

Adding the Tubeless Kit: The tubeless kit above will include our new (blue) tubeless tape and tubeless valves pre-installed on the wheels! We will install two layers of the tubeless tape in the exact width you need for your wheels. We will also include and install two of our tubeless valves in the exact length needed for your wheels. Take the guess work out of converting to tubeless and let us do it for you.
Note: you will still need a tubeless specific tire and sealant to run the wheels as a tubeless system.


Braking is not that important. . . until it is! One of the things people have fear in regards to carbon is the braking performance, especially in wet conditions. Carbon braking performance has always lagged behind aluminum in terms of pure stopping power. With the new brake track on these rims, featuring a slight textured surface, braking is better than ever. Feel confident that no matter what speed, terrain, or weather condition when you need to come to a stop you will.


The resins on the new carbon wheels can take the mountains! Countless hours of testing and resin formulas have gone into making a rim that can be ridden in any terrain. . .with any carbon specific brake pad. Don't worry anymore about if you have the right brake pads for the wheels. Wheels have been testing in a lab environment on a dyno machine, and personally in the mountains of South Carolina on hot summer days. The real world testing of the resin capabilities comes in the form of slow speed descending on Greenville's Paris Mountain. On a 35C degree day, we are going to the very top of Paris Mountain and riding just the front brake the entire way down the mountain. It ends up taking about 7.5 minutes to get to the bottom, all while dragging the front brake. It's the true test of braking way beyond what anybody would do while riding. . . .and we do it again, and again.



In part of making a complete wheel system, we wanted to have the highest quality hubs come standard on the wheels. We have a CNC factory produce the hubs for us to our specification to ensure you will have the stiffest, most stable, and best engaging hubs on the market.
Hubs can be one of the best ways to increase the stiffness of the wheels. If you think of a wheel as a triangle instead of a circle, the spokes have a base at the hub and come to a point at the rim. By increasing the base of this triangle you are making for a sturdier object, which translates directly to a stiffer wheel. Our hubs have some of the widest flange spacing on the market, which combined with the strength of the rims, help to make for an incredibly well responding and stiff wheelset.
Hub stability is something that is often overlooked, but is felt immediately when standing (such as when sprinting or climbing). To accomplish higher stability the bearings were also moved out as far as possible on the axle. Many hubs have a long end cap on the non-drive side with the bearing quite far from the edge of the hub. By supporting the non-drive side bearing and moving it out to the edge of the axle, the wheel stability is greatly increased.




We feature Sapim CX Ray spokes and Sapim brass nipples on all carbon builds. Spokes are laced radially on the front and double crossed on both sides of the rear wheel for a stronger build and much better transfer of torque. All spokes and nipples are black.sapimlogo-275-02.jpg







How to read a wind tunnel graph (link coming)




We offer two spoke counts on all of our wheel sets. This is because not everybody has the same demands in a wheel set and to say that one wheel build will work for everybody just isn’t true. A 120 pound female triathlete is going to have much different demands in a wheel compared to a 200 pound masters crit racer who wants to use the wheels for everyday training and racing. So we offer the builds in options that will maximize both durability and performance. Going with the higher spoke count only adds about 40 grams to the weight of the wheels (less than half the weight of an empty water bottle), but will make for stronger, stiffer, and more durable wheels. If you are a larger, more powerful rider, and planning on using the wheels for years to come, you will want that added durability.



Free Skewers included
Rim Strips included
Onyx Carbon Brake Pads included

*Weight limit - 220 pounds 20/24 - 250 pounds 24/28
*Spoke count recommendation - under 180 pounds 20/24 - 180 pounds and over 24/28
*You do not need valve extenders if you are using an inner tube with a 60mm or longer valve.


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  1. Smooth rolling

    Posted by Chris on 22nd May 2017

    Having ridden about a 1,000 miles on these, I can say they are a very nice wheelset, hubs spin forever, not too loud either. Nice riding, quick acceleration, fairly compliant. Braking is very good, not as good as aluminum, but good, got caught in the rain the last 10 miles on my ride Saturday, and as expected, the braking suffered. I have another bike for rainy days though.
    The only real downside is that they are 100 grams heavier than advertised

  2. Great Wheels

    Posted by Tony V on 15th May 2017

    Put these on my BMC SLR01 Teammachine about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Have 5 rides on them in varying terrain - fast downhill, flats, sharp climbs (above 20% grade). Terrific wheels. They roll well, corner wheel and accelerate well. They also brake well with a slight whirring sound on braking. Haven't had the occasion to ride in the rain or wet yet so I do not know how they will brake in that type of condition - however, I generally will be riding a different bike with alloy wheels in the rain. The front wheel does get a little push in cross winds. Enough to get your attention and make sure you pay attention but not enough that you worry about it. Great wheels...

  3. Solid Wheel!

    Posted by David Vasta on 3rd Apr 2017

    These are some of the best all around wheels out there. You can spend twice as much and get less with other wheel makers. What you can't replace is the team and innovation behind them.

    My son is a JR and loves his Boyd's. They are very good wheels and have made a difference in his riding and ability to ride faster.

    The rear wheel is solid and the weight is perfect. You can't go wrong with this wheel.

  4. Smooth and fast!

    Posted by Greg C. on 21st Feb 2017

    Man, these wheels keep the speed in all sorts of conditions. The build is excellent. Of course, the wheels arrived true and hubs spun freely. I want with the White Industries hubs and could not be happier. 44mm wheels are a perfect all-arounder, minimal weight penalty for climbing and excellent aero advantage over shallower sets. Also, the passion pink is legit. Love my wheels!

  5. Solid, fast and stable

    Posted by John W. on 30th Jan 2017

    I've been riding these 44's for about a month. Having a pair of zipp tubulars already, I've been really happy with the Boyd's. They are fast and stable in the wind and I haven't had any issue with the braking surface. They break consistently and smoothly. I upgraded the hubs to White Industries and have been really happy with that choice. Can't comment on Boyd's hubs but the White Industries upgrade is definitely money well spent in my book. While only ~150 lbs, I went with the higher spoke count since I plan to put a lot of training miles on these wheels.

    Overall, I've been really satisfied.

  6. Great wheels for a great price

    Posted by Dan on 26th Jan 2017

    This is basically the same review as for the front wheel;
    I've been riding my new set of Boyd's for about two weeks now and am very happy with them. So far they've been on some training rides, two road races, and even involved in a crash in a race.

    As far as ride quality, they have definitely made a difference in the overall performance of my bike, and they were worth it just for that.

    While I was not hoping to get caught up in a crash in a race, I was glad to see that the wheels were able to withstand a front flip at speed. After making sure my bike and I were okay, the wheels rolled smoothly the remainder of the race.

    The only downside to the wheels, which I suspect is due in part to their tubeless compatibility, is that I lost some skin on hands putting on new Continental tires the day the wheels showed up.

    Also, that Boyd hub just sounds so nice

    Boyd Cycling
    115 Welborn St
    Greenville, SC 29601

  • Phone: (864) 501-BOYD (2693)

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