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What is the build process?

We have all of our wheels handbuilt in our own wheel building facility in Greenville, SC by very experienced wheelbuilders. Our wheel builders only work on our wheels so they know them intimately and can build the highest quality. Many wheels are built in assembly factories where wheel builders are building for dozens of brands and expected to build 40-50 wheels per day. At Boyd Cycling each builder completes the wheel from start to finish which allows much better consistency and quality. The wheels are trued and tensioned to spec utilizing a tension meter that is calibrated every second wheelset. We thoroughly stress relieve 4-6 times in the tensioning process so the wheelset is ready to ride. Every wheelset is checked over by three people before being shipped out. A wheelset is only as good as the build, so we make sure we can monitor every aspect to ensure the highest quality.


Can I ride carbon wheels in the rain?

Our carbon rims have a very nice braking surface to them, and with the carbon specific brake pads we have found braking performance to be very smooth. However, in the wet conditions it can take a revolution or two of the wheel before the braking surface dries and the wheels really begin to stop. If you are riding in the rain, please plan accordingly to leave extra distance for stopping.

How are the wheels so inexpensive?

One of the goals at Boyd Cycling is to get people the highest quality products at the best prices. Boyd has been racing for many years and thinks everybody should have access to the top of the line equipment. When you see a $2700 set of wheels you have to wonder how much of that cost is due to sponsorship, huge advertising budgets, and different layers of distribution. At Boyd Cycling we don't sponsor pro tour cycling teams and we don't place multiple full page advertisements in expensive cycling magazines. This means you can get the same high quality wheelset for one-third to one-half of what the big name companies are charging.

Do the wheels come with Quick Release skewers?

Yes, the skewers are included with the wheels but are not included in the listed weight of the wheels.

Do you offer a crash replacement?

Yes, we know that you are using these wheels in hard training and racing. Things can happen and we have all seen wheels get damaged in a crash. We don't want you to have to buy a full new wheel so we have a crash replacement policy in effect.

For carbon clinchers it would be $250 (except the 90mm which would be $300)
For carbon tubulars it would be $200 (except the 90mm which would be $250)
For alloy wheels it would be $100

These prices pretty much cover our costs to replace the rim for you.  This would cover the cost of the new rim, labor for rebuilding, and even shipping back to you for domestic shipping in US (you would have to ship the wheel to us). If any spokes need to be replaced we will do that at $2 per spoke.

How can I pay?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards. You can also pay via Paypal if you prefer. We do NOT accept American Express as they are very difficult to work with and have the highest merchant rates out of anyone. In an effort to keep our prices low we decided it would be best for everybody to NOT accept AMEX. If you need to use AMEX it is possible to do so by checking out through PayPal.

Anything else that we didn't cover? Feel free to call or email and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you. We love hearing from our customers and helping them pick out the perfect set of wheels for their needs.