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Altamont alloy clincher

  • Altamont Alloy clincher set
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  • The front hub for the 28/32 spoke count option.
  • The rear hub for the 28/32 spoke count option
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671 grams front / 870 grams rear - 20/24 spoke count (for riders under 180 pounds) - In Stock
688 grams front / 890 grams rear - 24/28 spoke count (for riders between 180 and 240 pounds) - In Stock
752 grams front / 905 grams rear - 28/32 spoke count (for riders over 225 pounds) - In Stock


We are pleased to announce the all new Altamont wheel set to the Boyd cycling lineup. Altamont is the road that goes up and over Paris Mountain in Greenville, SC, site of the decisive moments of the US Professional National championships from 2006-2012. Paris Mountain and Altamont Rd are nationally recognized as staples of US cycling. It’s also where almost all on-the-road product testing for Boyd Cycling is performed, both going up and down the hills.

Altamont translates into “High Mountain” and this is where the wheel set really shines. The light weight, stiffness, and stability help when climbing and out of the saddle. The wider rim profile helps the tire to take on a great shape, perfect for flying down twisty descents. The top of the line aerodynamics mean that on the flat terrain between the high mountains no energy is wasted pushing the wheels through the air resistance. This is a wheel set that performs in all conditions; we like to say there is never a bad time to ride it.


Thanks to Bike Rumor for helping us debut this new wheel set and giving the first impressions. We are excited to release what we think will be the nicest alloy wheelset on the market.






Building on the success of the popular Vitesse wheel set with a wider rim profile, the Altamont rim is 24mm wide with an internal diameter of 18.3mm. This wider rim profile allows for the tire to take on a great shape, not having to bend back as far to fit into the hook of the rim bed. For flying down hills, through switchbacks, or around corners in a criterium, this tire profile will give you an advantage with better handling. The air volume inside the tire is also increased as the sidewalls don’t have to bend back as far to fit into the rim. More air volume means you can run a little less tire pressure which is great for vibration dampening. It’s also easier to run a 25mm tire for even better vibration dampening and handling, especially for larger riders.

The aerodynamic factor increases as the air flow over the tire onto the rim is much improved. To go along with the improved air flow the transition from the brake track to the side of the rim is seamless. The rim was designed so when the brake track was machined down it’s the same width as the sides of the rim. Better air flow means better aerodynamics and a faster wheel.

The depth of this new rim is 30mm. The deeper rim profile also helps with aerodynamics and wheel stiffness. This 24mm wide and 30mm deep rim makes for a wheel that wants to help push you along. To help with rim weight savings and also keep the strength and stiffness qualities, we have taken a unique approach and ribbed the inner walls of this rim. By adding ribs to the inner walls we are able to shave weight to the rim (475 grams) without any sacrifice to strength and stiffness.

Logos on the rim are laser etched to give a cool metallic off-white appearance. This saves weight and makes for keeping the rims easy to clean, without worrying about any decals lifting or peeling.


Rim depth - 30mm
Rim width - 24mm
Internal Rim Width - 18.3mm
Rim weight - 475g



In part of making a complete wheel system, we wanted to have the highest quality hubs come standard on the wheels. We have a CNC factory produce the hubs for us to our specification to ensure you will have the stiffest, most stable, and best engaging hubs on the market.
Hubs can be one of the best ways to increase the stiffness of the wheels. If you think of a wheel as a triangle instead of a circle, the spokes have a base at the hub and come to a point at the rim. By increasing the base of this triangle you are making for a sturdier object, which translates directly to a stiffer wheel. Our hubs have some of the widest flange spacing on the market, which combined with the strength of the rims help to make for incredibly well responding and stiff wheels.
Hub stability is something that is often times overlooked, but can be felt immediately when standing (such as when sprinting or climbing). To accomplish higher stability the bearings were also moved out as far as possible on the axle. Many hubs have a long end cap on the non-drive side with the bearing quite far from the edge of the hub. By supporting the non-drive side bearing and moving it out to the edge of the axle, the wheels stability is greatly increased.



The rear hub on this wheelset is compatible with both Shimano and Sram 11 speed cassettes. You will notice that there is a 1.8mm spacer on the freehub body.
If you are currently running Shimano 8, 9, or 10 speed you will need to use this 1.8mm spacer behind the cassette. With Shimano 10 speed, the cassettes come with a 1mm spacer. This means if you have a Shimano 10 speed cassette you already have the 1mm spacer. If you are running Shimano 10 speed you will need to use both the 1.8mm spacer supplied with the wheels and the 1mm spacer supplied with the cassette.
If you are currently running Sram 9 or 10 speed you will need to use this 1.8mm spacer behind the cassette. No Sram cassette requires the use of any additional spacers.
If you are running Shimano or Sram 11 speed, the cassette will simply install directly on the freehub body with no spacers required. If you upgrade from 10 speed to 11 speed, you can remove all spacers and simply slide the cassette onto the freehub. You will not have to make any adjustments to the wheel to upgrade from 10 speed to 11 speed.



We still feature Sapim CX Ray spokes and Sapim SecureLock brass nipples on all carbon builds. Spokes are laced radially on the front and double crossed on both sides of the rear wheel for a stronger build and much better transfer of torque. All spokes and nipples are black. Ghosted decals will come standard on all carbon wheels in 2013 for a very stealthy look. The decals will be under the clearcoat for better durability and prevention of any lifting or peeling. This helps keep your wheels looking newer for longer and makes them easy to clean. There will still be two spoke count options for the 44mm clincher. This allows us to make the strongest and most durable wheel set.


A radial spoke cannot transfer torque from the hub to the rim. On a regular front wheel, it’s sort of along for the ride, so radial laced spokes are fine for a front wheel. The exception with this being with disc brake hubs where you have negative torque going to the hub when you are braking, which is why on our disc brake hub wheels we double cross the front spokes.

On the rear wheel you are putting a lot of torque to the hub and this has to transfer to the rim to get the wheel to spin. By crossing the spokes on both sides of the wheel, we have up to 15% better torque transfer compared to a wheel that has radially laced spokes on the rear wheel. This makes for a better responding wheel that will accelerate faster, especially in sprinting or climbing situations.






We brought the Altamont to the wind tunnel during product development for wind tunnel testing. Below are the results in comparison to both a Zipp 101 and a Mavic Ksyrium SL wheel set. All data was taken from the website http://www.cyclingpowerlab.com/componentaerodynamics.aspx which compares wind tunnel data from multiple sources to a standard elevation and air density.




The Altamont will come with 3 different spoke count options to suit any rider. The standard is a 20/24 spoke count, recommended for riders under 180 pounds. The higher spoke count is a 24/28 suited towards riders between 180 and 240 pounds. Finally, we have the overbuilt option, an incredibly strong 28/32 spoke count which is suited for any rider over 220 pounds. There is no weight limit on the overbuilt option, yet the set still comes in the mid 1600 gram range. By offering these three options we can tailor to anybody’s riding style and weight with no sacrifices in terms of quality.

All options will come standard with Sapim CX Ray spokes and the Sapim SecureLock brass nipples, both in black. Lacing pattern is radial on front and 2X on both sides in the back, with the exception of the overbuilt spoke count option which has 2X on the front and 3X on both sides in the rear.



Obviously a lot of the pervious components are things that CAN make for a good wheel set. However, making sure the build quality is as high as possible is a final huge step. This is why all of our wheels are 100% hand built in-house in our own wheel building facility in Greenville, SC. To ensure the highest possible quality all tools are calibrated multiple times per day to ensure the highest possible consistency.
Each wheel is properly stress relieved multiple times to make sure it won’t ping and pop on those first few rides, and so it stays in true through the break in period as well. The wheels are built from initial tensioning to final touches by the same wheel builder allowing them to work with each small intricacy that a wheel may have. Finally, all our builders only work on our wheels. They know exactly how each one will build up, down to the point of how many turns to put on a nipple to get initial tension. The industry standard is to use high volume assembly factories where each builder is working on dozens of different brands and expected to build between 40-50 wheels per day. Speed is placed at a premium over quality, and in many cases the first 50-90% of the build process is handled by machine.

By placing such an emphasis on quality, and by building in house, we have many layers of QC that are not found elsewhere.  For you, the customer, it means you can always expect the highest quality wheel to be delivered to you whether it’s a carbon or alloy, January or July.

ben-building.jpg  debbie-building.jpg  wheel-building-area.jpg





We are pleased to announce that despite the long R&D process and the time put into making this new faster wheel set, we are able to keep the same pricing that made the Vitesse such a popular wheel set. Pricing for the 2014 year is as follows:

20/24 spoke count - $650USD
24/28 spoke count - $670USD
28/32 spoke count - $690USD

Free Skewers included
Rim Strips included

*Weight limit - 220 pounds 20/24 - 250 pounds 24/28 - NO weight limit 28/32
*Spoke count recommendation - under 180 pounds 20/24 - 180 to 240 pounds  24/28 - Over 225 pounds 28/32


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Product Reviews

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  1. Amazing Wheels!

    Posted by Unknown on 23rd Jul 2014

    Just put a new set of Altamonts on my beloved Bianchi and they are amazing! The width of the wheel is quite a new experience for me...to have such smooth ride. I'm runnng a 23mm tire and the profile and contact of the tires is great. These wheels handle well for everything that I have been on so far. These wheels look beautiful in person. And great service and communication from Boyd also. Thanks for everything!

  2. Excellent choice for upgrade

    Posted by Wayne Ingram on 21st Jul 2014

    I had been riding on the stock wheels of my Felt Z35 for five years and was tired of losing speed so easily coming off of a downhill. It was hard for me to justify spending money on new wheels when I didn't spend that much on the bike to begin with, relatively speaking that is. The Altamont has solved both problems. They maintain their speed very well, are extremely responsive on uphills and are very cost effective. I was able to pick up the wheels directly from the shop, meet Boyd personally and get a few tips for installing the wheels. It was a pleasure doing business with the company.

  3. Best upgrade for your ride

    Posted by Eric Weisburg on 9th Jul 2014

    I've made a number of upgrades to my road bike, but none compares to the new Boyd Altamont wheelset. The new wheels climb faster and ride smoother than the original wheel set.

  4. Everything I Expected and Hoped for

    Posted by Ken on 7th Jul 2014

    Yes, I too, replaced my stock wheels with the Altamont, and the lower weight is noticeable, but going faster instantly - I don't buy that on any wheelset (unless your measuring over a period of time). Where these wheels absolutely shine to me, after my first impression and riding on them for a short time, is stiffness and handling. First, this wheelset, thanks to the hubs, are incredibly stiff. As a result, climbing out of the saddle or sprinting is responsive, lively, and just damn fun for somebody who isn't used to "higher-end" wheels. This is a non-issue to me, but I will mention that the wheelset is so stiff that I initially felt compliance was slightly harsher, but after my initial ride, I haven't noticed any comfort loss (just wasn't used to wheels this stiff). Second, although I have never ridden wheels quite this wide, the handling (with 25mm Conti 4000s), is remarkable to me. Cornering at speed is sure, and inspires the utmost confidence (I really feel a big difference here). Given the sub $700 price, performance, and EXCEPTIONAL customer service, I cannot imagine - after researching and testing various wheels for more than 6 months - a better set of wheels in this category.

  5. Great wheels

    Posted by Oleg on 4th Jul 2014

    Replaced my stock wheels weighting 1735g. Immediately noticed that my bike is lighter. My average speed increased by 1+ mph. It's easier to pedal uphill and I'm pedaling more often in hard gears while maintaining the same cadence 80-100. I weight 212 lbs, and bought a wheel set with the higher spoke count.
    Brake nicely in the rain, take potholes without issues.
    Wheels look very nice with the tires on them. I would definitely recommend anyone to buy them.

  6. Great all around wheelset

    Posted by Brian on 24th Jun 2014

    I researched wheels all winter before settling on Boyd this spring, and now after putting several hundred miles on my Altamonts I must say I am very pleased with them. Strong, light, and fast are only three words that come to mind while riding this wheelset, and I'm now convinced I made the right decision. Thanks Boyd!

  7. great quality and performance for price

    Posted by Travis on 19th Jun 2014

    Hands down these wheels rival or out perform almost any brand at this price range. Incredible performance and quality. Unmatchable customer service.
    Great wheels

  8. Best Wheels I Own

    Posted by S Jeffrey Kenny on 13th Jun 2014

    My first set of Altamonts were for my Super Six. They were SO good I got a second set for my CAAD 10. Better than my Psimets (Pacenti SL23, White Hubs, CX Ray) and my other set of customs (Velocity A23, White Hubs, CX Ray).

    Thank you Boyd and Nicole.

  9. Strong and versatile

    Posted by bkj on 9th Jun 2014

    I'm not a racer but I like to have one bike that lets me blast away as fast as I can go. That bike gets the best components and the Altamonts were the best choice among many I researched. The wheels are strong and very fun to ride. They are really fast! They were well worth the cost and I'm looking over the other bikes thinking which one to upgrade next.

  10. Great wheels!

    Posted by Unknown on 2nd Jun 2014

    I've had these wheels for two weeks and just raced them for the first time over the weekend. I got third in a race of 88 entrants and the wheels were stellar. Light, stiff and fast on a budget. I don't currently see the need for carbon wheels. If I had the extra thousands, I might get them but these wheels can clearly do it all and cover all bases. Well done Boyd!

Showing reviews 1-10 of 29 | Next