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Onyx Carbon Brake Pads

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The Onyx Brake pad by Boyd Cycling is our newest and most advanced brake pad yet. It is good to use for any of our carbon wheels, clincher or tubular, and any model year.

The most important feature of this new brake pad is heat dissipation. We made a focus on a brake pad that will not develop high heat in prolonged braking circumstances. In our torture test that consists of continuous braking at 17KgF for minutes on end the highest temperature reached was 104 degrees Celsius. With the same testing lab, we tested the brakes at 17KgF braking power for 4 seconds on, 4 seconds off for an hour. The temperature would rise and fall, but the highest temperature reached was only 68 degrees Celsius.

These new brake pads also have great modulation and also brake feel. We tested these on the road for months before final production letting multiple riders try the brake pads and give their impressions. Braking is predictable, there is no pulsation, and the absolute stopping power is there when you need it. The final test before product release came in a criterium where Boyd was in a two person break. The breakaway companion took the final corner of the race a little too fast and slid out right in front of Boyd. He was able to slam on the brakes and go from 28mph to a complete stop in about 10 meters (albeit balancing on the front wheel doing an endo). This was the final proof that the brake pads have that ability to really stop when needed. Now you can have carbon wheels without sacrificing the braking power of an alloy wheel.

Longevity is very good on these pads. Like all wheels and wheel accessories, Altamont road going up and down Paris Mountain in Greenville, SC is used for testing. We have found that with going up and down Paris Mountain multiple times almost every day the front pads will last a few months whereas the rear pads will likely last at least half a year or more. Not too bad for a set of four brake pads that only cost $25.

One set comes with four brake pads, enough to outfit your entire bike with new pads. Both Shimano and Campy style are available. Please note that on the first ride there may be a little material that comes off after the first couple times of using the brakes, this is just the top layer and is meant to come off. If you have just installed the brake pads for the first time you may not want to do a super hilly route on that first ride with the brake pads. The top layer of the brake pad can stick to the rim and that will accelerate the wear of the brake pads for that ride. It's encouraged that after your first ride you wipe down both the brake pads and the rim with a rag and rubbing alcohol. This quick step will only take a few seconds to perform but will greatly prolong the life of the brake pads.

Excessive toeing in of these brake pads will also accelerate the wear. A lot of time has been spent ensuring that these brake pads will not squeal on your carbon rims. You should not have to toe in your brake pads on these as much as a traditional carbon brake pad. This will also help with longevity.

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  1. Stopping power for carbon wheels

    Posted by Jon Tate on 14th Mar 2017

    I run Boyd 90s (front and back) on a Felt B-12 Tri bike. The only time I've heard these really squall is when a referee motorcycle passed me just prior to a severe left turn which left me no room at all to go around due to the other riders already in the turn. I've never had to brake that hard and so suddenly. It was a complete boneheaded move on his part. I'm very luck to not have gone over the front or skidded and gone down and I think this probably had something to do with these Onyx brake pads. No telling how much life I shaved off the things in that moment, but it left a permanent sheering mark on the rear rim. I'm happy to write in this review that, due to that one experience, I have confidently ordered a new set of Onyx pads for this season. Thanks.

  2. great pads!

    Posted by Unknown on 15th Sep 2016

    The pads work so well with Boyd's carbon brake track you can hardly tell the difference from Aluminum

  3. Very good brakes, different from the older ones

    Posted by Steve S. on 15th Dec 2015

    These are the newer Boyd brakes. They do work very well, but they are different than the old ones.

    Things to note:
    - They need a break in.
    - They may not need to be toed in.
    - Initial wear is higher, but after the break in they stabilize
    - Make sure your rim is very clean if coming from the old pads

    I toed the old pads in to avoid the squeal. When I swapped these pads in, they brakes were still set for toeing in. They would squeal a little, stop then squeal more, then stop, then... What I think was happening was that as the break would "break in", the squeal would stop, but as they were toed in, breaking would expose new fresh pad that squealed.

    Then I used the old pads with a lot of squeal. Swapping back and forth was not good; turns out it was the residual rubber.

    Finally, with clean rims and fresh pads, I put them on my brakes, set them flush (no toe in) and went for a ride. I got a little bit of squeal, but after a few rides it has gone away. breaking is now very nice and quiet.

  4. Brought these Onyx carbon brake pads to replace Boyd's original that came with my Boyd 38mm carbon clincher

    Posted by Fai on 7th Aug 2015

    Brought these pads 3 weeks ago. I haven't had a chance to test them in wet condition since it has been a dry month in July and so far in August, unlike June. I can say the Oynx pads are responsive on gravel and chip sealed road condition where a lot of dust get kicked up. Will report back when I get an opportunity to ride in wet condition.

  5. Onyx Carbon Pads - still early but good first impression

    Posted by Chris on 15th Jul 2015

    Purchased these for non-Boyd carbon wheels after using SwissStop Yellow pads. I find the Onyx Black easier to modulate braking power than the Yellows which I found were pretty grabby. I've only ridden them about 100 miles and haven't gone down any mountains yet or used them in the rain but so far these have been great. Can't beat the price!

  6. Great Price- Durability Needs Attention

    Posted by Chris A on 18th Jun 2015

    Using these pads with Carbon 44 Clinchers. Brakes are meticulously adjusted by LBS, but right side FRONT wear was uneven. One pad wore down entirely, probably twice as fast as the other. Never seen uneven wear on properly adjusted brakes before. REAR are still original and wear is as expected. Got about 1500 miles out of front. Will try again, hope only a fluke.

  7. Best Carbon Pads Ever

    Posted by Unknown on 3rd Apr 2015

    I use these pads on my Boyds 44 clincher and my Bontrager Aeolus 3's. Not a single issue. They leave absolutely no marks on the brake tracks. Killer bite and awesome modulation. I do long steep descents here in the mountains and weight about 190lbs. What a great pad. Cant say enough about them. No squeal just smooth confident braking.

  8. Great brake pads, great price

    Posted by Bob S on 12th Mar 2015

    So far the best of the carbon pads for grip. I think they wear a bit faster than the blue ones, but they seem to grip better and fade less. The price is fantastic. It seems Boyd is always working to keep us out on the road with tip top equipment.

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