Cyclus Sports

Cyclus Sports

Cyclus Sports, Inc. is a professional cycling company headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina. Matt McNees and Neil A. Lewis founded the company in 2013 with a mission to positively influence the direction of road racing in the United States. Based on the twin pillars of clean racing and local development, a racing team was launched in 2017. After competing under domestic elite status for the first season, the program jumped to UCI continental status in 2018. Cyclus Sports maintains a zero positive initiative against doping in cycling designed to provide the highest level of integrity for their riders, sponsors and affiliates. As a growing entity in the world of professional cycling, Cyclus Sports maintains performance, sales and marketing, and executive divisions.

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Cyclus Sports Team Roster

Michael Gearren
Franklin Brooks Deese
Andrew Gianat
Ben Renkema
Connor Sallee
Corey Brian Davis
Oliver Flautt
Ricky Randall
Parker Kyzer
Winston David
Alex Winnicki