Custom Wheel Builders

Ever wanted to have a set of our wheels built up with a different hub? What about color nipple options, or different spokes?

While our build quality is as good as you will find, we do know that sometimes people are looking for different options in where to have their wheels built. We try to build like a custom wheel builder would in that every wheel gets the care and attention that it needs to perform for years. There’s not a wheel that we build that I wouldn’t grab out of inventory to use for my own riding or race day wheelset. . . and believe me, as a wheel junkie I have certainly done that.

The best way for us to keep our pricing very reasonable and to develop the highest quality components is to only offer our builds in set models. We get to build ahead, build up stock, and offer very quick turnaround time. . .many times same day shipping. We get requests all the time to build with other certain hubs, or if red nipples were an option. While it would certainly be easy to order the hubs and nipples, that adds to the already huge list of inventory SKUs that we need to have on hand. This would add lead time not just to the custom orders, but also the orders for stock wheelsets. It would also add to our overhead, and our pricing would have to increase to reflect these changes.

Fortunately, there is a huge list of talented wheel builders who make a living doing just that sort of thing. They can use our rims, and then whatever hubs, spokes, and nipples you would like to complete the build. We are fortunate enough to have relationships with many of the custom wheel builders out there, below are some of the featured wheel builders we work with. If you are interested in a wheel set, tailor built to yourself and your riding, these companies can build that set for you.

  • 580mm Altamont & Ceramic Coated Altamont
  • 590mm Altamont Lite & Ceramic Coated Altamont Lite
  • 590mm Black and Tan Rim
  • 585mm 28mm Carbon
  • 570mm 36mm Road Disc / Pinnacle / Pinnacle CX
  • 553mm 44mm Carbon
  • 520mm 60mm Carbon
  • 463mm 90mm Carbon
  • 584mm Rouleur *round spoke
  • 534mm Jocassee 650b
  • 595mm Ridgeline 29er
  • 555mm Ridgeline 27.5
  • 595mm Kanuga 29er
  • 555mm Kanuga 27.5
  • 2.8mm Jocassee
  • 2.8mm Pinnacle

United States - East Coast

Islip, NY

Daleville, IN

Lincolnton, NC

North Augusta, SC

Rochester, NY

Fayetteville, AR

Cumming, GA

Waldorf, MD

Arnold, MD

Tampa, FL

New England & New Jersey

Alexandria, VA

Cocoa, FL

Lafayette, LA

New York, NY

Charlotte, VT

Madison, WI

Lowell, MA

Baltimore, MD

Springfield, IL

United States - West Coast

Santa Rosa, CA

Goleta, CA

Pacific Palisades, CA

Portland, OR

Seattle, WA

Auburn, CA

Yucca Valley, CA

Ashland, Oregon

Boise, Idaho

United Kingdom



Toronto, ON

Guelph, ON

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