We are thrilled to announce our new Ready2Ride program!

Now you can have your wheels arrive with tires, cassette, and rotors installed and ready to ride. All wheels will ship inside our new double wheelbag (with backpack straps). The double wheelbag in a larger box is the only way to safely ship the packaged wheels together. Normally, the double wheelbag retails for $60, but with the Ready2Ride bundle we are only charging $45

This is only an option for purchasing in conjunction with a set of wheels! You CAN NOT only add the Ready2Ride to your cart.

Simply add the wheels you are looking for to the cart. Then come here and you can add on the accessories to make this a package deal! Bundle everything together and save compared to buying each individual component separately.

If you choose to have your wheels set up tubeless, we will set up the tire tubeless for you, including adding the Tickled Pink sealant.
If you would prefer to have the wheels set up with an inner tube, we will install a butyl inner tube with the correct length valve for the wheels you are getting.

We have partnered with a few select tire and component companies, and have chosen our preferred options for each discipline. Of course we know there are lots of different component and tire options out there and we can not offer every single option and size. If you have your preferred component in one of the selections, you can always choose “No thank you” to that option.

It’s never been easier to receive wheels and start riding them immediately!