Carbon Tubular Closeout

All Carbon Tubular Rim Brake wheels are on closeout!
Not long ago all racers would only ride tubular tires in all their events. With the advancement of better clinchers, lighter rims, and tubeless, tubular tire and wheel popularity has become almost non-existent.

In order for us to keep our inventory under control, we have decided that we will no longer be selling rim brake carbon tubular wheels. We will still have them around for cyclocross in disc brake, but less than 2% of our sales are rim brake carbon tubular wheels!

What does this mean for you?

Starting right now, all carbon tubular wheels are on closeout pricing for only $1000 for the set! Jump start your racing gear choice for next year with this amazing offer. Full two year warranty still applies, and we are keeping a number of rims set aside for any crash replacements that may be needed.

Stock is limited!

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