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    60/90mm Carbon Clincher Wheelset

    60/90mm Carbon Clincher Wheelset

    Front 60mm
    Designed for high speed racing conditions, 60’s shine when the hammer goes down. The deep 60mm rim profile is 21% percent more aero than 44’s at 30 mph while the unique contour improves side wind stability. This stiff and responsive deep section wheel really shines in individual and flatter mass start events.

    Rear 90mm
    Built for the boards of Ghent and the Tarmac of Kona, 90’are for when every second counts. Our most aero of  wheels even create negative drag pushing you forward in certain wind conditions. Slightly narrower than our other carbon wheels, our deepest section wheelset is optimized for narrower profile, aerodynamic tire combinations found in TT, Triathlons and Track Racing.

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