85 Road and Quest Freehub Body

85 Road and Quest Freehub Body

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2017 and newer, 6 pawl, 10/11 speed

Order a replacement freehub body, or keep an extra one on hand so that you can swap between different cassette sizes or between Shimano, Campagnolo or XD drivers without any tools. This freehub body is only for 85 Road rim brake and Quest disc brake hubs. No tools required and no need to redish the wheel.

The freehub bodies for your 85 and Quest hubs allow for super easy cassette changes. Easily swap cassette sizes as well as swapping between Shimano, Campy, and and XD Driver without any need to redish the wheel. Best of all, there are no tools required to make any of these changes.

Both the 85 Road hubs and the Quest disc brake hubs use the same freehub body. With 32 teeth in the hubs, and 6 pawls in the freehub body (operating in a 3X3 manner), this gives a super quick 5 degrees of engagement.

With press fit end caps on both hubs, this allows the user to easily change freehub bodies with no tools required! Swapping between Shimano, Campy, and an XD driver is easier than ever with no redishing required. Even more convenient is the ability to change cassette sizes by keeping your cassettes on spare freehub bodies and then swapping out the entire freehub body.
Below is a video that shows just how easy it is to swap between an 11-28 and an 11-32 cassette on our new 85 Road Hubs!

If changing cassette sizes is something you do with your wheels, then purchasing an additional freehub body will make those swaps a LOT easier!


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