Boyd Cycling Wheel Decals

Boyd Cycling Wheel Decals

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If you want to make your wheels have a little bit more pop to them, then these wheel decals are exactly the thing you will need.
All of our wheels come with the ghosted “Boyd” logos baked into the rims and under the clearcoat. Vinyl decals can be applied over top of those logos in 7 different color options. These are cut to fit over top of our current generation of carbon and alloy rims.

The current generation of rims can be identified by the following features:

  • Carbon wheels with rim brakes have a 3k weave on the brake track only. The side of the rim is painted black.
  • Carbon clinchers have a tubeless rim bed.
  • Carbon disc brake wheels have no brake track, and a tubeless rim bed for the clinchers. The logos are at the edge of the rim.
  • Alloy wheels have a welded seam. If you can not see a seam opposite of the valve, then you have a welded seam.
  • Alloy wheels also have a tubeless rim bed in both rim brake and disc brake.
  • Alloy wheels will have the model name (ex: Altamont) once and the "BOYD" logo three times

The disc brake and rim brake versions of the wheels use the same decal.
Decals are sold in a set of 12 decals.

The decals ONLY cover the "BOYD" logo, not the other design elements of the rim.


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