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Ready2Ride Cyclocross

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Get your wheels completely set up with tires, cassette, and rotors! They will ship inside a double wheelbag, and will be ready to put on your bike and Ready2Ride! The listing here is to add a cyclocross set up to an already purchased set of wheels. You must have the wheels in your cart to purchase the Ready2Ride package.


All wheel will ship inside a double wheelbag. Double wheelbags retail for $60, but we are doing the bundle at reduced price of $45.



We are using the Shimano RT-99 rotors for the Ready2Ride package. This is Shimano’s top of the line rotor. The ICE Technologies takes the innovative 3-layer clad rotor to the next level by adding radiator fins. The new SM-RT99 rotor is the most effective heat management rotor ever produced by Shimano. You MUST know which rotor size your bike has for both the front and rear.


The options for the cassettes are the Shimano Ultegra 6800 series in two sizes OR  the Shimano XT M8000 series in two different sizing configurations. For riders using a double chainring up front the Ultegra 11-28  or 11-32 cassette are great options. The 11-42, and 11-46 work great for the new 1X set up. At this time we only have options for Shimano. If you are running a Sram XD driver on the wheels then you will have to purchase an XD cassette elsewhere and you can leave this option blank.


We have two Cyclocross tire options from Hutchinson available. The Hutchinson CX tires are leading the way in terms of tubeless reliability. Both of these are a tubeless ready clincher tire and both are good for a wide variety of conditions. If you are looking for a specific tire for a specific condition (or a tubular tire) simply choose “No thank you” on the tire selection and the wheels will ship without tires.
The Hutchinson Piranha CX is a fast rolling cyclocross tire. Designed for courses that are mostly dry and very fast the Piranha CX has very low profile knobs in the center for fast rolling and more aggressive knobs on the shoulders for secure cornering at speed. This comes in a 700X34mm tire to give added traction for turns.

The Hutchinson Toro CX is a more aggressive pattern and better suited for wetter or muddy conditions. The slightly taller tire knobs grip extremely well for better cornering, and the 700X32mm size helps to make a quicker tire in the straights.

Both of these tires can be set up either tubeless or with a butyl inner tube.
If on your wheel selection you choose NOT to set the wheels up tubeless, then we will install with butyl inner tubes with the correct length valves for the wheels you are ordering.

If on your wheel selection you choose YES to set the wheels up tubeless, the wheels will have our tubeless tape and valves installed and the tires will come with the Tickled Pink sealant inside the tire.

Simply take the wheels out of the double wheelbag, put them on your bike, and go riding within minutes!


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