Valve Core Remover

Valve Core Remover


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This is super helpful for topping off sealant in tubeless tires or also for when you need to install a removable core valve extender.

Best if all, it attaches to your key chain, so when you get upset about losing your keys you can also be upset about losing your valve core remover!

*also available with our tubeless conversion kit


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You'll be Tickled Pink by instantly sealing most punctures!

Over two years in the making, after testing dozens of formulas and giving hundreds of bottles out to local rides, we are please to offer our new Tickled Pink tubeless Sealant. Made in house using all-natural ingredients, this sealant is designed to seal punctures faster, last longer, and best of all it's pink. . . and it smells like bubble gum!

The bubble gum scent actually has a very important function. It's a very recognizable scent, so if you are riding in the middle of the woods and smell bubble gum, you know you better stop and inspect your tire.

Price is $9 for an 8 ounce bottle

Use 2 oz for road tires
Use 4 oz for MTB tires

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