Quest Boost Disc Brake Rear Hub

Quest Boost Disc Brake Rear Hub

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What more could you want from a disc brake hub set?

  • Centerlock design – Six bolt adapter available separately
  • Five Degrees Quick Engagement – Six Pawls, Engaging 3×3
  • Boost Sizing Hub and Axle Configuration
  • Shimano, Campagnolo and XD Driver Compatible
  • Extremely easy to service
  • 32 hole rear
  • 12X148mm thru axle

Disc Brake hubs are fun! They take us on adventures, away from the hustle of our everyday lives, away from traffic, sometimes way into the unknown. When designing a great disc brake hub set, there are a few things on everybody's mind. Weight, stiffness, and smooth rolling bearings are things we have all come to just expect from our hubs. However, on a set that is going to be used in the middle of a mountain bike trail, miles from cell phone coverage, and sometimes with nobody around for hours. . . strength and durability take a precedence. With the design of the new Quest hubs, we have touched on all this and more to give every possible advantage and confidence in your wheelset.


The Centerlock mount is simply a much better way to mount disc brake rotors. You don't have to tighten down 6 individual bolts to a specific torque setting. This makes swapping rotors super quick and easy, and ensures the rotor is perfectly mounted every time. If you have a current favorite 6 bolt rotor, you can easily run a centerlock to 6 bolt adapter and still run your favorite rotors. The Centerlock design also helps for weight savings, and provides a cleaner look.

Quick Engagement

When you are riding technical trails, cross racing, or starting a sprint after jumping out of a corner, the faster you can start to pedal again the more of an advantage you will have. This especially holds true on the mountain bike trails, going over technical sections where you may need to stop and start pedaling multiple times in a matter of a few feet. Having your hub engage extremely quick can be the difference between making it through that rock garden or having to put a foot down and walk (promptly getting laughed at by all your friends).

With the Quest hubs we have 6 pawls operating in a 3X3 manner on 36 engagement teeth. This results in a super-quick 5 degrees of engagement. Now your hubs can have a quicker engagement than a reality TV star!

Boost Sizing Hub and Axle Configuration

As we all know, wider is better for stiffness and stability. With mountain bikes, and some of the loads the wheel and frame sees, going to a wider flange spacing, wider bearing stance, and wider support on the thru axle just makes sense. Unfortunately, with the current size of 11 speed cassettes there was no way to accommodate going wider without changing the frame dimensions and spacing. The frame and fork dropouts, flange spacing, bearing stance, and thru axle support all got wider, giving an overall stronger and more stable ride.

However, a boost version of the hub is NOT compatible with non boost frames. Also non boost hubs are NOT compatible with boost spacing frames! If you have a mountain bike with boost spacing you MUST run the boost hubs. This is extremely important, so please read this paragraph a few times!!

Fortunately it's very easy to tell a boost frame mountain bike. The measurement between dropouts on the front fork will be 110mm. The measurements between dropouts on the rear of the bike will be 148mm.

All boost frames and mountain bikes use the same axle standard (yay!)

Front - 110X15mm thru axle
Rear - 148X12mm thru axle

Shimano, Campy, and XD Driver compatible

Easily swap freehub bodies as simple as swapping end caps. You can choose Shimano, Campy, or the Sram XD Drivers. Note that the Sram XD driver is only compatible with Sram cassettes meant for XD drivers. If the Sram cassette is not an XD driver cassette, you will need the Shimano freehub body.

Centerlock Design
Front hub weight - 150 grams
Front hub spoke counts - 28 hole
Rear hub weight - 269 grams
Rear hub spoke counts - 32 hole
Swappable end caps for any axle configuration
Separate Boost and Standard Sized Hubs for optimized geometry
5 degree engagement
32 teeth - 6 pawls, engaging 3X3
Extremely easy to service


  1. (verified owner)

    I’m really grateful for the help I have received from Boyd, Nicole and others in building this wheel around a Quest rear hub. I really like the toolless removal of the axle assembly, which will help me to pack my coupled bike for trips, and will likely mean that I will take less paint off of my downtube as I travel. It’s really encouraging to deal with a company that cares about its product, and takes such good care of its customers.

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Warranty: 2 Years

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