Pinnacle Hookless Gravel Wheelset

Pinnacle Hookless Gravel Wheelset

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The jury is in: Gravel riding and racing is here to stay, with increasingly popular events blanketing the globe – along with purpose-built bikes to match. We’ve long-since dispelled the naysayers, usually by taking them on our favorite off-piste routes out our back door into the Blue Ridge Mountains. Following up on our groundbreaking Jocassee 650b hookless gravel wheel, we present the all-new competition-ready Pinnacle. Designed around a 700c tire setup, the Pinnacle follows down the trail the Jocassee blazed, but with a more-traditional wheel diameter and the litany of aerodynamically-friendly tire choices it affords.


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Designed around a tubeless, hookless rim profile, the Pinnacle uses a wide rim inner diameter (23.4mm) for a perfect traction-embracing lightbulbed tire profile, ideally for gravel and cyclocross tires between 32-40mm in width, as well as higher volume 28mm tubeless road tires. Like the Jocassee, it uses a 36mm rim depth, giving the wheel far more aerodynamic aptitude than a comparable mountain bike hoop at the higher speeds typical of a gravel race. Because the Pinnacle is a disc-specific wheel, we’ve been able to shed a few grams at the rim itself, reducing rotating mass without compromising safety, and the wheel’s unique 2.8mm offset amplifies spoke balance under heavy load.

The end result of our gravel-driven tweaks and refinements? The perfect no-compromise wheel for the tubeless cyclocross, gravel, and high volume tubeless road tires!

The Pinnacle hookless set weighs in at 1560 grams built with the Boyd Cycling Quest disc brake hubs.

Inner diameter 23.4mm
Rim Depth 36mm
Offset 2.8mm
Weight: 1560g (set with Quest disc brake hubs)
MSRP: $1650 for the set


Ready2Ride Tires (set of 2)


Ready2Ride Front Rotors


Ready2Ride Rear Rotors


Ready2Ride Cassettes


Double Wheelbag

Transport and protect your wheels in style. You've seen wheels thrown in trunks, getting scratched, grease on the spokes, torn decals. With these wheelbags you can easily carry the wheels with you without damaging them. Put them in the trunk of your car and don't get grease everywhere. Very durable construction with solid zippers and padding to protect the wheels. The double wheelbag has two separate compartments for each wheel to store individually. Wheelbags have pockets to hold your skewers.

Warranty: 2 Years

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