Kanuga Alloy Boost Wheelset

Kanuga Alloy Boost Wheelset

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More versatile than a Swiss Army Knife. 29’er or 27.5 Size. Boost!


Ready2Ride Tires (set of 2)


Ready2Ride Front Rotors


Ready2Ride Rear Rotors


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Double Wheelbag

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Kanuga Alloy Boost – More Versatile than an Army Knife

Maybe you just trashed your last set of wheels on a rock. Maybe you are building your dream ride. No matter why you are looking for a new pair of wheels Kanuga’s are it. Light and strong with all the features you expect in a handcrafted wheelset. Welded rim joints, extra deep anodization and tubeless compatibility make them perfect for everything from technical single track to high speed fire roads.


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It took us a while (over 7 years), but we are thrilled to finally introduce Boyd Cycling Mountain Bike wheels! Back when I was racing road full time, I never had time to go out and ride mountain bikes. Now that I am enjoying more time riding my mountain bike, I can test designs and feel what will go into making the best wheels. It's allowed me to spend a lot more time on some of the best trails in the country, conveniently located right here in the Carolinas. . .which is why the model names have a distinct Carolina touch to them.


The Kanuga alloy MTB rim is an all-terrain rim. Most people riding mountain bikes put a wheel set on, and do all their riding on that set. Coming into the mountain bike scene after years of studying and developing we didn't want to be the company that said, "Here's the wheelset you need for fire roads, here's the one for downhill, he's the one for riding on 10% grade on 2.3 inch gravel."

So, we started off with the wheelset that 95% of people will put on their bike and leave for all their rides. It's a wide rim, but not to the point where you can throw on some light, quick XC tires and ride a shortrack race. Yet, you can also mount big, grippy, gnarly tires and go flying down stuff I personally would be walking!

Ideal tire sizes are between 2.1 to 2.4 and with the tubeless design you can run low pressures for better handling and faster runs.

Rim depth - 22mm
Rim width - 29mm
Inner width - 25mm
Rim weight - 29er - 400 grams / 27.5 - 360 grams


There's still debate on whether tubeless is the best option or not for road wheels. For MTB wheels. . you better be running tubeless. You flat WAY less, you can run lower pressure, handling is better, punctures will seal up with sealant. There's no debate, you should definitely be running tubeless on your MTB wheels!

Adding the Tubeless Kit: The tubeless kit above will include our new (blue) tubeless tape and tubeless valves pre-installed on the wheels! We will install one layer of the tubeless tape in the exact width you need for your wheels. We will also include and install two of our tubeless valves in the exact length needed for your wheels. Take the guess work out of converting to tubeless and let us do it for you.
Note: you will still need a tubeless specific tire and sealant to run the wheels as a tubeless system.


Boost hubs feature a wider flange spacing and a wider bearing stance. This helps to make a stiffer and more stable wheel design, up for the challenges of even the most hardcore mountain biker.

ALL rear boost wheels feature a 148X12 thru axle system
You MUST MUST MUST have a Boost spaced frame and/or fork to run Boost spacing hubs!

In part of making a complete wheel system, we wanted to have the highest quality hubs come standard on the wheels. We have a CNC factory produce the hubs for us to our specification to ensure you will have the stiffest, most stable, and best engaging hubs on the market.

The MTB hubs feature:

  • Centerlock mounting system for the rotor
  • 6 pawls operating in a 3X3 manner
  • 4.3 degrees of engagement


We feature Sapim CX Ray spokes and Sapim brass nipples on all carbon builds. No, you do not need aero spokes on a mountain bike, but with the super high fatigue rating of the CX Ray spoke, combined with the low weight, it makes for a durable and lightweight wheelset.

Spokes are laced double cross on both sides on the front and triple crossed on both sides of the rear wheel for a stronger build and much better transfer of torque. All spokes and nipples are black.


You are going to be putting these wheels through a lot. Whether it's long climbing, flying down hills, or crashing (yes, we have to plan for that); mountain bike wheels get abused. That's ok! We are building them to handle the abuse.

All mountain bike wheels are built with a 28 spoke count front and 32 spoke count rear. So go ahead, do as you please!

Weight 29'er - 1633g
Weight 27.5 - 1575g
Rim depth - 22mm
Rim width - 29mm
Inner width - 25mm

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