36mm Road Disc Wheelset

36mm Road Disc Wheelset

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Not too long ago, a road racing bicycle with tire clearance for anything bigger than a 23mm tire was considered extreme. Radical. Different. Fortunately, we’ve always found ourselves on that side of the coin anyway, embracing the biggest tire we could fit into the smallest spaces possible. Over time, road cyclist began embracing disc brakes – and everything changed. Gone were the days of restrictive tire sizes governed by caliper brakes, and suddenly, every day road bikes became a hell of a lot more capable, confident, and most importantly – more fun. To optimize a wheelset for these less restrictive, less clearance challenged bikes, we roll out the Boyd 36 Road Disc, our take on a do-everything road wheel designed for the newest crop of road bikes on the horizon. The 36 Road Disc is not a rim brake wheelset that has been adapted for use for disc brakes, it has been designed from the ground up to harmoniously function as a system with a disc brake road bike.


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First in the 36RD’s palmares is its width: Using an enormous 22mm inner rim diameter, the 36RD gives 25mm to 30mm road tires a voluminous shape, increasing traction while affording lower (and more comfortable) pressures. Ticking the next futureproof box? Tubeless compatibility. Flat prevention and ride quality improvement are paramount here, especially when taking the 36RD off the beaten path, as we’re known to do with the bigger tires we’re now free to use. Finally, an offset construction and 36mm rim depth ensure better spoke balance, dealing better with high-torque accelerations while still providing aerodynamic gains.

36mm Clincher Set
Weight - 1560g
Rim depth - 36mm
Rim width - 29mm
Inner width - 22mm


Ready2Ride Tires (set of 2)


Ready2Ride Front Rotors


Ready2Ride Rear Rotors


Ready2Ride Cassettes


Double Wheelbag

In stock

Boyd Cycling Wheel Decals


Warranty: 2 Years

In stock

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