28mm Tubular Front Disc Wheel

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28mm – When the road tilts up and every gram counts.
Oh just lighten up! When the tarmac points to the sky, arm yourself with the ultimate weapon – Boyd 28mm carbons. We also know that which goes up, must come down so we made sure these svelte wheels still had the width for wider tires and strength for all out descents. When every gram counts, count on these.


The 28mm carbon tubular rim is an ultra light, but still strong rim that can be used for special occaisions. Wait, that's not fun. You want to be able to use this as an everyday wheelset! It's light, it's snappy, it handles well, and yes. . .this wheelset can be used as an everyday set, not just for those special occasions. Oh just lighten up! When the road points upward, arm yourself with these ultra-light climbers. Designed with a very strong 25mm wide, rounded rim profile this wheelset is equally as comfortable battling in the cyclocross fields and in the mountains. When every gram counts, count on these!

Rim depth - 28mm
Rim width - 25mm
Rim weight - 330 grams


It's lighter, the tires are nicer, you flat less. There's a reason why pros trust tubular tires for all their races. Sure you have to glue on a tire, but if you are looking for the advantage of an unltra light weight set of wheels, go with the advantage of a tubular tire. Whether it's a mountain top finish, Paris Roubaix, or a cross race, the people on the top step are doing it on tubular tires.


Braking is not that important. . . until it is! The cross field looks a lot different than just a few years ago. Riders quickly realized that with the hard stopping demands needed (often times in less than ideal weather), that disc brakes offer a distinct advantage. In less than a few years, the vast majority of cross racers have made the switch to disc brakes.

It's not just in the cross field where disc brakes make an improvement. With the 28mm tubulars being such a lightweight set of wheels, people are wanting to use them in the mountains. More and more road bikes are coming with disc brakes. With these wheels, you can fly up the mountains, and use the disc brakes on the way down to confidently stop in any terrain or weather condition.


Whether you are running Quick Release (skewer) or a thru axle, we have got you covered. Have multiple bikes? Quickly swap over between the two options and use the wheel set on both bikes. You can easily swap both the front and rear hubs to use either system. The front hub can swap between standard QR (100mm OLD) and 15mm thru axle (100mm OLD). The rear can be used with either a 135mm Quick Release, a 135mm X 12mm thru axle, or a 142mm X 12mm thru axle.


We feature Sapim CX Ray spokes and Sapim alloy nipples on all 28mm carbon. Both front and rear wheels are laced 2X on both sides for a stronger build and much better transfer of torque. All spokes and nipples are black.


*Weight limit - 225 pounds


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Warranty: 2 Years

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