Crash Replacement

Crash Replacement

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We know that having to buy all new equipment is sometimes worse than the physical scars caused by a crash. We have one of the best crash replacement policies in the industry, one that is designed to get you back up and running again without having to shell out the full price for a set of wheels again.

We now collect payment up front so that we can take care of your crash replacement in a time efficient manner, getting you back out on the road again faster than ever before.

The rim and spokes are the main areas of the wheel that are impacted and damaged during a crash. We HIGHLY recommend that we replace all spokes in the wheel if more than two spokes are damaged. Your wheel will stay truer longer and extend the lifespan of the rim. The price to have a rim replaced, the wheel rebuilt and shipped back to you is as follows.


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Spoke Replacement

If more than two spokes are damaged, we highly recommend that all spokes are replaced on the wheel.

85 and Quest Freehub Body


Tubeless Tape

22mm tape (18-19mm internal rim width)
25mm tape (20-22mm internal rim width)
28mm tape (24-26mm internal rim width)


Tubeless Valves

Price is for a pair of tubeless valves and includes the tubeless wingnut.
Black - 44mm / 55mm / 60mm/ 80mm
Silver - 110mm


Warranty: 2 Years

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